Rhinoceros Hornbill in a tree

Birds of the Houston Zoo: Meet Your Friendly Winged Neighbors

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Then head to the Houston Zoo where you can see one of the largest bird collections in the United States. It features more than 200 species and 800 individual birds. Visitors can explore three main exhibits.

Birds of the Houston Zoo

Rhinoceros Hornbill

First up, the rhinoceros hornbills at the zoo greet visitors with their enormous beak. They’re large birds with black plumage and a white abdomen. Their name comes from the “horn” that sits atop their bill. These animals live in the thick, lowland forests of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and mainly feast on fruit.

Laughing Kookaburra

Native to the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia, laughing kookaburras are named for their maniacal-sounding call. Their beak can grow up to four inches long—they use it to grab both vertebrates and invertebrates. Laughing kookaburras keep the same territory throughout the year, and family groups announce their boundaries with a distinctive call.

Green Aracari

Found in the lowland forests of northern South America, green aracaris are among the smallest member of the toucan family weighing just 4.4 ounces. They feature a colorful beak and yellow underparts. And their friendly, affectionate traits might just win your heart.

Green-winged Macaw

Also known as red-and-green macaws, green-winged macaws spend most of their time in the rainforest canopies of Central and South America. They typically live in small pairs, and when gathering in large flocks, they display their full vocal range. Interestingly, all of these birds are large, have long tails, striking colorization, and they’re able to mimic what they hear, including human speech!

Zoo Lights

Through January 13

And if you’re looking for even more holiday cheer, plan ahead and get tickets to Zoo Lights! Running now through January 13, you and your group can enjoy special dining, drinks, holiday displays, and other goodies at the Houston Zoo.

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