3 Comfy Cafes for Every Occasion in Houston

We all know life moves fast. Luckily, coffee was invented to help us keep pace. Everyone needs a go-to coffee spot, whether you’re still in school, breaking into the professional world, or steadily climbing the corporate ladder. Our neighborhood near Melia Medical Center has many options for cafe fare. So you’re bound to find a spot that […]

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Time for Tapas at Batanga

Located next to the old clock tower on the corner of Congress and Travis streets in downtown Houston, Batanga’s innovative cuisine is as unique as its singular character. Formerly an eighteenth-century saloon, their building is one-of-a-kind. It’s paired with their 3,600-foot bricked patio, the largest in downtown Houston! They’re a must-visit for anyone in the area. […]

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Explore Nearby Specialty Museums

Houston is home to several specialty museums that each display unique and fascinating items. Those near Melia Medical Center include: Lone Star Flight Museum Lone Star Flight is an aerospace museum that displays more than forty historically significant aircraft. It also holds hundreds of artifacts that relate to the history of flight. The museum just moved […]

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