The Best Coffee Shops in Houston

There are few substances more precious to students than caffeine, and fortunately, the area around Melia Medical Center has a multitude of great coffee shops in Houston to choose from. Why not stop by one of our local favorites the next time that you need a little pick-me-up? Siphon Coffee If you’re passionate about the […]

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Two women laughing at a table in an Italian restaurant.

Check out the Finest Italian Restaurants in Houston

When homemade food gets too monotonous, there is never a better alternative than Italian. Whenever you develop the urge to visit one of the Italian restaurants near Melia Medical Center Apartments, make sure to explore some of the best spots highlighted below. Dolce Vita  Under the care of Chef Marcos Wiles, Dolce Vita makes some […]

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A couple toasting their wine glasses in the middle of a cooking class.

Become a Kitchen Guru with Cooking Classes in Houston

If you find yourself cooking the same meals over and over again each week, you’re not alone. Get out of your comfort zone and learn a few new kitchen tricks when you take local cooking classes. Just a short drive from Melia Medical Center Apartments. several hands-on cooking classes teach you new recipes. Etta’s Kitchen […]

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