A man cooking his kitchen while video chatting with friends.

5 Fun Ways to Connect with Friends at Home

Staying connected can be hard when you don’t go out with friends. Here are just a few fun activities you can do to interact with loved ones while safely practicing social distancing inside your apartment at Melia Medical Center

Watch a Movie

Watching shows and movies together has never been so easy with Netflix Party, a browser extension for Google Chrome. Installation only takes a minute, and Netflix offers a month-long free trial for any of your friends who aren’t already subscribed. Though Netflix Party has a chat window, you’ll want to video or voice chat with your friends as you all cuddle up with popcorn and fuzzy blankets at home. 


During your spare time, try out new recipes! Cooking or baking can be a rewarding and stress-relieving activity. Make it social by collaborating with your friends to create a list of recipes you all want to try. Set up a schedule and video-chat as you cook and bake your way through the list. Rank your results throughout the week, and discover which is the best recipe and who is the best chef!

Learn a Language

Companies like Duolingo and OpenCulture have introductory courses to help you learn a new language. You and your friends can choose a language you would all like to learn and get to work, competing to complete lessons and keep your daily streak. Learning with friends not only keeps you motivated through accountability but also gives you the opportunity to practice your new vocabulary in real-world activities. 

Play Games

Speaking of vocabulary, Words with Friends is just one of the many word games you can play to connect with friends. On Snapchat, you can play “Alphabear Hustle” with your friends, a game where you expand a village by making new words to win trophies. There are many other video games you can play cooperatively, such as the ever-popular Stardew Valley and the brand-new Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Craft Together

Throw a crafting night with your friends that creates new memories while celebrating old ones. Spend one night going through old photos of you and your friends and pick out your favorites, then order prints of them. Spend a night video chatting with your friends as you create the perfect collage. Add your own decorations and framing to personalize, then hang on your wall to remind you of all the good times.

Friendship-building activities you can engage in while staying home are almost limitless. No matter the size of your friend group or your interests, you are sure to find ways to stay connected. Contact us today if we can help you find a new home today!

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