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Enjoy Pulse-Pounding Fun at Escape Hunt Experience Houston

The escape room craze has swept the nation. These pulse-pounding games require quick thinking and excellent teamwork, making them a perfect option for a night out with your friends. This summer, make time to check out a premiere escape room experience just minutes from your apartment in Houston.

The Escape Hunt Experience Houston

The Escape Hunt Experience is unlike any other escape room you may have visited. This international operation takes the escape game to another level. The incredibly detailed rooms, innovative plots, and pulse-pounding mysteries provide guests with an exciting, unforgettable adventure.

In addition to fantastic escape experiences, Escape Hunt has a welcoming lounge area where guests can hang out and enjoy some refreshments after their game. Guests are invited to dress up for a group photograph or purchase a unique souvenir to commemorate the special occasion.

Theft of the Texas Lone Star

(2-6 players)

Your group is responsible for recovering the original Texas Lone Star before it’s sold on the black market. Explore the museum exhibit to uncover clues that will lead you to the location of this precious artifact. You only have one hour to return this important piece of Texas history before the museum opens for business.

Murder in Marylebone

(2-6 players)

It’s 1910, and you find yourself in a mysterious manor in London. There has been a murder at Marylebone Manor and it’s up to your team to unravel the baffling ciphers found at the scene. Use the clues to find the killer and discover their motive before they strike again.

Houston, We’ve Had a Problem

(6-12 players)

This incredibly realistic room places you and your team members in the perilous position of helping the Apollo 13 crew return home safely. An explosion aboard the craft has put the crew in serious danger and your team must think fast in order to save the astronauts.

Guests should plan for their experience to take about 90 minutes—30 minutes of instruction and 60 minutes of gameplay. The Escape Hunt Experience Houston is suitable for players ages 10 and up. You can book games online, as well as buy gift certificates. Please feel free to contact us to learn about other fantastic attractions near your home in Houston.

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