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Houston Pickup & Delivery Options

There are excellent dining choices with pickup and delivery options near our Houston apartments. These eateries offer large menus and tasty specialty items. Here’s your chance to support local establishments and get a delicious meal all in one!

Local Group Brewing

If you miss the bar scene, you can grab a piece of that cozy atmosphere with Local Group Brewing‘s to-go orders. Owned and operated by local talent, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a hectic last few weeks. Enjoy some classic pub fare like a burger, pretzels, or some poutine and pair it with a nice cold brew. The restaurant serves everything from sours, stouts, to golden ales, limited-release beers, and more. Be sure to try the amazing brunch specials as well.

Cupcake Kitchen Houston

At Cupcake Kitchen Houston, you can reward yourself with a proper dinner and dessert. Feast a hearty round of seafood, oxtail, or Caribbean-style chicken and then finish it off with some delectable pineapple coconut cake, banana pudding cake, or assorted cupcakes. They also have a handy mini-mart to help you stock up on essentials including sanitizer, eggs, and masks. Grab dinner and save yourself a grocery-store run at the same time.

The French Corner

In operation since 1985, The French Corner is something of a local legend. For decades, they built a reputation as a staple of Houston’s cuisine and their boxed meals have been a favorite for years. Fortunately, you can still see what all the talk is about with a tasty meal and some dessert at one of their Grab-n-Go cafes. If you’re ordering for a group, don’t worry! Check out these high-value specials that serve up to four people.

Along with these tasty restaurants, you can also find tasty tacos and other pickup and delivery options around our neighborhood. For any questions or to explore our apartments, contact us anytime.

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