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Houston Veterinarians With Curbside Service

Much like human beings, pets will sometimes need medical attention to help them live a long and happy life. Melia Medical Center is located within 15 minutes of excellent facilities that offer curbside service. This means you check in with the front desk from your car and a staff member will meet you outside to take the patient. Whether your pet needs a routine checkup or emergency care, count on great treatment from Houston veterinarians located near our Houston apartments

Midtown Veterinary Hospital 

With the motto of “Compassionate Veterinary Care”, the team at Midtown Veterinary Hospital gives pets the most personalized care possible. This standard includes having modern equipment and the most up-to-date veterinary techniques, as well as a caring staff that loves animals. As a full-service veterinary hospital, MVH manages everything from preventive care to surgeries. 

Rice Animal Hospital 

The lead veterinarian at Rice Animal Hospital worked in the human neuroscience field before discovering her passion for treating animals. Along with her dedicated staff, Dr. Jou helps all patients achieve the highest quality of life. The services provided at the hospital include vaccinations, dental care, and even boarding. The facility also provides virtual pet care with the app Airvet, which allows you to video call with a vet 24 hours a day. 

Mercy Pet Clinic 

As a non-profit animal hospital, Mercy Pet Clinic provides outstanding pet care with affordable pricing. All veterinary services are offered at the clinic, ranging from wellness checkups and microchip implantation to critical care. Houston’s veterinarians and the caring staff at Mercy Pet Clinic go above and beyond to give your pet the skillful and gentle treatment they need to thrive.

Houston has many great amenities that make life enjoyable, from excellent veterinary services to delicious tacos. Learn more about living at Melia Medical Center by contacting us

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