A couple sitting outside and enjoying fresh popcorn from one of the local popcorn shops

Find a Crunchy Treat at Nearby Popcorn Shops

Did you know in the 1800s, Americans consumed popcorn as a breakfast cereal? This meal consisted of popcorn with milk and sweetener. Today, popcorn shops in Houston offer everything from classic to gourmet flavors. If you would like to enjoy this crunchy treat, the best destinations are just a short drive from Melia Medical Center Apartments.

Back in Time Popcorn

Family-owned and operated, Back in Time Popcorn offers nostalgic candies and over sixty gourmet popcorn flavors. The staff pops the corn fresh daily. They also make the flavorings by hand using the finest, freshest ingredients. Visitors can enjoy samples, and whether they’re traditionalists or feeling adventurous, there is something for everyone. Choices include blueberry, peanut butter chocolate, and jalapeno cheddar. 


A local favorite since 2009, POPrazzi’s opened to fulfill Deadrick Roland’s childhood dream of turning an after school snack into a business. He works alongside his best friend, and together, they create some of the most innovative flavors around. The shop is famous for its tangy Wings n’ Ranch popcorn. It has been served at the Emmy’s and is a favorite among the Houston Texans. Other flavors include chili dawg, baked potato, and fried green tomatoes.

The Popcorn Bar 

Owned by a husband-and-wife team, The Popcorn Bar strives to brighten everyone’s day. Kisha and Lorenzo use high-quality ingredients and pop the corn in small batches to ensure freshness. One batch can take up to ninety minutes from start to finish. The couple offers samples and enjoys helping everyone find a new favorite flavor. Choices include blackberry cobbler, salt and vinegar, and hot fries. 

Along with these popcorn shops, our apartments in Houston are also near premier restaurants and world-class museums. You can even take your popcorn on these beautiful hiking trails around Houston! To call our community home, please contact us. We will schedule a private showing so you can see firsthand all that Melia Medical Center has to offer.

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