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Stay Connected to Nature at the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo teems with life, and it offers a variety of ways for animal enthusiasts to stay in touch with their favorite wildlife right from our Houston apartments. From interactive webcams to educational virtual tours, keeping up with our favorite creatures has never been easier. Here are some popular ways to explore and support the Houston Zoo.

Animal Webcams 

From the wide-ranging elephant to the minuscule leafcutter ant, the Houston Zoo webcams allow visitors an insider’s look at some of the zoo’s most popular inhabitants. Live-streaming hours run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day and include tips to optimize viewing based on each animal’s feeding and resting habits. This fully interactive program even allows visitors to control the camera angle, crafting the best possible viewing experience. 

Virtual Tours 

Each Wednesday at 11 a.m., Houston brings the zoo to you via Facebook Live. These brief installments feature different zoo inhabitants introduced and explained by the keepers who know them best. Gain close-up access to some of the most exotic residents and get a behind-the-scenes peek at life in the zoo. Past episodes are available on-demand, so you can check in even when you can’t make it live.

Adopt an Animal

The Adopt an Animal program allows patrons to personalize their support for the Houston Zoo. When you adopt an animal, your contributions go toward the care and feeding of your animal. Donations also benefit education and conservation programs at the zoo. The Houston Zoo also offers several opportunities for contributing toward saving animals in the wild. Choose an animal to support to learn more about what you can do. 

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